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We have developed the ultimate end-to-end solution for medical providers, service providers, attorneys or receivables financing companies in search of funding or improving their cash flow management process. C2 incorporates the necessary controls and best practices with enhanced capabilities for the management of risk associated with fraud, insurance limits and costs hours!

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Our Goal

We strive to improve overall financial and operational performance for each of our clients. Our C2 platform provides the following benefits which allow us to achieve that goal:
  • Higher payer reimbursement and final settlements in 1st and 3rd party cases

  • Lower staff processing time

  • Lower denial rates to increase reimbursements

  • Accelerate cash flow

  • Improve payer-provider relations

  • Relief of the paper processing burden

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    Centralized Platform

    Our technology engine is a single-tenant medical health record/practice management solution. This software application is HIPAA compliant and highly optimized for efficient exchange of data among providers, payers, attorneys, and receivables financing companies.

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    Electronic Billing

    The C2 platform offers Medical Providers the functionality to deliver to Casualty payers (Auto Medical) the full ASCX12 electronic bill, when available. If another delivery method is required, secure electronic faxing and attachment processing, as well as return Remittance Advice information can be implemented, all while providing a complete audit trail of the transactions.

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    Litigation Management

    Our end-to-end solution incorporates best practices with enhanced capabilities for the management of risk associated with fraud, past vs. present medical history and patient credibility. The C2 platform emphasizes patient education, enforces data gathering, and electronically manages the entire litigation process

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    Provider Platform

    Cognitive Claims’s C2 provider platform empowers medical professionals with the necessary tools and information to reduce payment risk and compare care plan effectiveness against best practices at the point of care.

    Medical Providers

    Insurance Investigation, Evaluation and Verification

    Once all possible coverages are identified, a key factor in accelerating cash flow is to ensure insurances are billed in the proper order which is the order of priority.

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    Liability Evaluation

    Liability determination is the next step for liability claims. Our C2 solution provides extensive capabilities to assist providers in this critical claim step.

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    Claims Negotiation, Process Review and Management

    Review payer and adjuster negotiation tactics and settlement history prior to initiating negotiations.

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    Payer Platform

    We have developed a platform that will break down the walls between the providers and the payers. Through transparent systems and evidence-based protocols, the provider will benefit from higher reimbursements, while the payers win in their pursuit to eliminate fraud and find a suitable way to manage cost and improve provider relations.

    Insurance, Payors, Analytics

    Predefined Workflows

    Predefined workflow processes through the life of the claim assist in measurable automated task management of all aspects of claims processing.

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    Electronic bills and attachments sent by providers are indexed, validated, normalized, and delivered to payers in formats that are ready for processing.

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    Electronic Document Management

    Our Electronic Document Management component is part of a complete process and content management framework that supports the entire auto claims processing life-cycle.

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